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Welcome to TriTechGlobal – Build a Shaklee Business in China

Welcome to TriTechGlobal.

Shaklee China Product Catalog

Shaklee China Product Catalog

We are Independent Shaklee Distributors building distribution opportunities in China.

Shaklee has been providing healthy, enviornmentally sound products for over 50 years in the United States and around the world.

Recently Shaklee has earned the opportunity to expand into China. TTG is looking for interested individuals who would like to build a Shaklee business in China.

TTG works with an American Independent Shaklee Distributor that has been in business for over 40 years. We have helped hundreds of individuals build successful businesses.

We want to work with you and use our experience to launch and expand your China distribution network.

Click here to contact us today for more details on how the program works and how to get started. Work with business leaders who know how to build your business!

What is Direct Selling?

Direct selling is the way that individuals sell directly to other individuals – without a retail store location.

Direct sellers can sell to their friends, family, and other people they know.  They can also advertise to meet new people who might be interested in the products and services.

Some direct sellers purchase the products and resell them to their customers and even deliver them.  More common now is direct selling on the internet where customers order products online and they are shipped directly to the customer.

Direct selling can also include recruiting other direct sellers who will join their team and the direct selling will earn a commission on their sales.  This is also called Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM).

Do you have to be a great salesman to be a successful direct seller?

Many direct sellers are natural salesmen and saleswomen who can easily sell products to anyone they meet.  However even people who don’t consider themselves to be a salesman can be successful if they believe in their products and are willing to work hard.

Most direct selling programs include training to help everyone develop their selling skills.

What products are sold by direct selling?

The products that are sold by the top direct selling companies include cosmetics, fashion apparel, jewelry, nutrition supplements, personal care items, storage products, weight-loss programs, mobile phone programs, and financial services.

Is direct selling legal?

Yes direct selling is legal.  In the United States direct selling has been a part of the American economy since the founding over 200 years ago. And in China as an example certain companies have government approval to develop direct selling organizations.

Is direct selling a good business?

Direct selling is a good business for the right people who find the right business.  But any successful direct seller will also be one of the hardest workers.  If the company promises that you don’t have to do anything and you will become rich, it probably will not be true.

If you would like more information on direct selling send us an email at: info@tritechglobal.net">info@tritechglobal.net and we will respond as soon as we can.

嘉康利(中国)周年庆 (Shaklee China 1 Year Anniversary)

Latest News: Shaklee Indonesia – Grand Opening June 2012

Shaklee started their Independent Distributor Program in Indonesia in June of 2012.  This is seventh international market including China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, Mexico, and Canada.

Click here to learn more by checking out our information on Tritechglobal.net.

And to find the translated page in Indonesian you can click here.